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Call for Papers: Dt. Gesellschaft für Missionswissenschaft
                                          "Postcolonialism - what next?"

Centenary Conference, 10-12 September 2018, Wuppertal

At the occasion of its upcoming centenary conference, The German Association for Mission Studies critically revisits postcolonial approaches in Mission Studies. For the past decades postcolonialism has instigated innovative knowledge production in diverse areas such as mission history, inter-religious exchanges, and theories of World Christianity or intercultural theologies. While postcolonial theory opened up horizons in Mission Studies in many respects, academic discourse has also shown certain limits of postcolonial studies. Therefore the call for papers on “Postcolonialsm – what next?” invites for promising perspectives of postcolonial studies in Intercultural Theology and Mission Studies.

With this panel The German Association for Mission Studies addresses specifically young scholars. It aims at establishing and supporting strong academic networks. High-profile, interdisciplinary proposals are very welcome.

Please, submit your proposal in English or German (maximum: 250 words) by email, latest by 15 March 2018 to panel convenors, Prof. Dr. Andreas Heuser / Dr. Claudia Hoffmann (University of Basel):


Upcoming Conferences:

  • VAD (German Ass. of African Studies)-conference „African Connections“, Leipzig (27.-30.6.2018) is now online:

Please check P 36 (Heuser): Megachurches - Networks - Politics


  • 10th GloPent Conference: The Future of Pentecostalism

The tenth international and interdisciplinary conference of the European Research Network on Global Pentecostalism (GloPent) will be held on 9–10 February 2018 at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Aktuelle News

recent publications (selected):

  • A. Heuser, Charting African Prosperity Gospel economies, HTS Theological Studies 72  (Special issue), December 2016.
  • A. Heuser, Prisms, Mirrors, and Refractions: There-Centric Perceptions of Basel Mission History in Ghana, in: Hock, Klaus (ed.): The power of interpretation: imagined authenticity - appropriated identity. Conflicting Discourses on New Forms of African Christianity, 2016, 149-171.
  • A. Heuser, Umkehrmission"-vom Abgesang eines Mythos, Interkulturelle Theologie, 1/2016
  • A. Heuser (ed.), Pastures of Plenty. Tracing Religio-Scapes of Prosperity Gospel in Africa and Beyond, Frankfurt, 2015
  • A. Heuser (guest editor), Pentecostalism and Politics in Africa, Nova Religio (University of California)(Special issue), NR 18/3, 2015

recent international conferences / Guest Lectures (selected, 2016):

  • Does Religion Make a Difference? Discourses and Activities of Religious Development NGOs, November 9-11, 2016
  • African Initiated Chruches and Development, University of Pretoria, 18-20 May 2016
  • guest lecture: "Satan auf dem Marktplatz"-Pentekostale Öffentliche Theologien in Afrika, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, 18. April 2016
  • workshop: “Religion and Sustainable Development in Ghana“ -Joint workshop, Dptm. for the Study of Religion, University of Ghana (Legon) / Fac. of Theology, Basel University, Legon, February 10-11, 2016


  • Religions-, Kirchen- und Missionsgeschichte Afrikas / African church and mission history
  • Afrikanische Unabhängige Kirchen und (globale) Pfingstbewegung / AIC and (global) Pentecostal movement
  • Migrationskirchen / migrant Christianity
  • Theorien der kulturellen Globalisierung / theorizing cultural globalization
  • Religion und sozialer Wandel / religion and social change
  • Kooperationprojekte mit der University of Ghana, Legon und University of Cape Coast, Ghana: Religion and sustainable Development in Ghana

Mitgliedschaften und Ehrungen

  • Zentrum für Religion, Wirtschaft und Politik/Centre for Religion, Economics and Politics: Leitung Forschungskolleg/Research Projet (2015-16): Religion and Development in the Global South
  • Zentrum für Afrikastudien/Center for African Studies (Universität Basel)
  • Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Theologie (Interkulturelle Theologie/Rel.wiss.)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Missionswissenschaft/German Ass. of Mission Sudies  (Verwaltungsrat/board member)
  • BIGSAS (Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies
  • German Association of African Studies (VAD)
  • Swiss Association of African Studies (SGAS)
  • Yale-Edinburgh research group on World Christianity
  • GloPent (Global Pentecostalism; steering committee)
  • IAK Pfingstbewegung (Interdisziplinärer Arbeitskreis Pfingstbewegung)
  • International Theological Institute/All Africa Conference of Churches