Theologische Zeitschrift ThZ

Theological periodical published by the
Faculty of Theology of the
University of Basel

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Bernhardt

Frequency: Every three months.
No. of pages: Generally 96 pages per issue
Languages: German, English, French
ISSN 0040–570 1

Latest issue: ThZ 2/73 (2017)

Founded in 1945 by Karl Ludwig Schmidt, the Theologische Zeitschrift (ThZ) is published by the Faculty of Theology of the University of Basel. The editors are professors Reinhold Bernhardt (Systematic/Dogmatic Theology) and Hans-Peter Mathys (Old Testament). The periodical, which is published with the support of the "Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences" is not devoted to any field of theology in particular. It follows the liberal Basel tradition and has a wide interdisciplinary, international and interconfessional horizon. In keeping with this international outlook, it is multi-lingual. German, French and English texts are accepted. ThZ has a worldwide circulation, and is read in 30 countries on almost all continents. Since its foundation, the journal's aim has been to promote inter- and intra-disciplinary dialogue on theology. For that reason, the ThZ publishes research papers (albeit only original articles) and book reviews taken from all areas of theology and related fields – especially articles that are of interest to more than one field of theology.




Theologische Zeitschrift

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